Webinar:Data Products forESG Reporting

July 16 | 04:00 P.M. (CEST)

Facilitating ESG Reporting with Data Products

Join our exclusive webinar with experts from WTS and One Data to explore how the AI-powered Data Product Builder can revolutionize ESG data management.

One central aspect in ESG reporting is to bring data from various sources – sometimes even from outside your company – together. Quite often this data is not “ready to use” but needs additional transformation and calculation. And when you have finally managed everything, you need to start from scratch next year again.

Webinar highlights:
  • Understand the benefits of transitioning to a data product architecture.
  • Learn how to design a digital target operating model that decentralizes data management.
  • Explore the importance of domain ownership, self-serve data platforms, and federated governance.
  • Discover how AI and data products can support the ESG reporting process, ensuring compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
What you will learn:
  • Introduction to ESG Data Challenges
  • From ESG Data Mess to ESG Data Mesh
  • Building a Digital Target Operating Model
  • Leveraging AI for ESG Data Products
  • Ensuring Compliance with CSRD
Why attend?
  • Gain actionable insights into modernizing your ESG data management practices.
  • Learn how to leverage advanced data products and AI to streamline your ESG reporting, ensuring not only compliance but also positioning your organization as a leader in sustainable business practices.
Who should attend:
  • ESG Managers
  • Data Experts
  • Business Users involved in ESG reporting
  • IT and Data Professionals
  • Anyone interested in improving their ESG data management strategies

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Tuesday, July 16 | 04:00 P.M. (CEST)

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Sophie KolodzinskiManager of Digital Architecture at WTS Advisory AG

Sophie Kolodzinski is an accomplished Manager of Digital Architecture at WTS Advisory AG, where she leads a team to drive digital transformation and data-centric organizational development. With a focus on integrating technology into human experiences, Sophie has successfully optimized data strategies and developed ESG data products for clients.


Anna-Pia LohfinkSenior Data Scientist

Anna-Pia Lohfink holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mathematics from TU Kaiserslautern and a PhD in Scientific Visualization. Since 2022, she has been working as a Senior Data Scientist at OD, focusing on Proof of Value projects that involve diverse applications, close client interaction, and practical use cases of data products.