Webinar:Data Products forProduction Planning

August 01 | 04:00 P.M. (CEST)

Optimize your production planning with AI-driven data products

Join our upcoming webinar to explore how you can develop and use AI-powered data products in your production planning. We will show you how data products can help you enhance forecasting, improve efficiency, and streamline your production processes.

Webinar highlights
  • Introduction to data products for production planning: The basics of data products and their crucial role in optimizing production planning processes. How treating data as a product can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your production forecasts.
  • Using AI in production planning: How artificial intelligence can be integrated into production planning to predict demand, optimize production schedules, and reduce operational costs.
  • Real-world case studies: Examples of how leading manufacturers have successfully implemented data products for production planning, overcoming challenges and achieving significant improvements.
  • Interactive Q&A session: Engage with our experts, ask questions, and gain practical advice on implementing data products in your production planning processes.
Why attend?
  • Learn how to use data products to accurately forecast production needs, ensuring you meet customer demand while minimizing waste
  • Gain insights into how AI technologies can optimize your production planning, making your operations more efficient and cost-effective
  • Understand the latest trends and technologies in production planning to keep your organization ahead of the competition
Who should attend?
  • Production managers and professionals looking to enhance production planning with AI and data products
  • Business leaders and decision-makers interested in leveraging technology to optimize production operations
  • IT professionals and data engineers seeking to integrate AI-driven data products into production systems

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Thursday, August 01| 04:00 P.M. (CEST)

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Andreas Faltenbacher

Dr. Andreas FaltenbacherPrincipal Data Scientist at One Data

Dr. Andreas Faltenbacher is a Principal Data Scientist at One Data. He specializes in the conception, design and implementation of data products in the area of recommender and forecasting engines. His technical focus is on optimization of massively parallel implementations of end-to-end business solutions by helping our customers design, deliver, and deploy data products.