The Heart of Data Mesh & Fabric (BARC)

October 01 & 02 2024 | Würzburg

Data Products | Platforms | Organization

With the digital transformation, the modernisation of data and analytics approaches is becoming more and more important, whether it is professional, technical or organisational.

Various concepts such as data mesh and data fabric are currently being hotly debated. Companies that want to realign their data strategy and architecture are sometimes faced with completely new territory.

The Heart of Data Mesh & Fabric” will introduce you to the approaches behind data mesh, data fabric and data intelligence. Participants will get an overview of essential organisational, methodological and technological aspects as well as concrete tips for software selection.

For two days, it’s all about finding the right concept for your data strategy in the following areas:

  • Data Mesh: Decentralised responsibility for data and data as a product.
  • Data Fabric: Federated Data & Analytics Architectures
  • Data Warehouse, Data Lake & Data Lakehouse; Data Vault
  • Data Intelligence & Active Metadata
  • Modern Data Pipelines
  • Data Products & Data Contracts
  • Data Strategy & Culture
  • Selection and use of software for data modernisation

How to get your Data Modernisation Initiative off the ground! Let the One Data Workshop introduce you to the approach for developing and operationalising data products.

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