Getting Pharmaceutical Supply ChainsBack on Track

A pharmaceutical client worked with us to develop a heat map data product to make their supply chain much more resilient. This is achieved through real-time visibility and predictive insights. As a result, they can streamline inventory, improve collaboration, and comply with stringent regulations. With that, the client can introduce new drugs to the market more quickly.

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Pharmaceutical companies face significant challenges in managing vast amounts of complex data and maintaining efficient supply chains.


Pharmaceutical companies have to deal with extremely complex supply chains and production processes. Supply chains are particularly vulnerable to disruptions e.g., due to temperature-sensitive materials and time-sensitive deliveries.

Our customer works with 10 CMOs as part of a transnational drug manufacturing project, with more than 50 partners involved in production. Collaborating with so many players contributes to the complexity of our customer’s supply chain.

Compliance with strict regulatory requirements (e.g. GMP) and accurate demand forecasting make managing the supply chain an even bigger challenge. Existing solutions are often not flexible or transparent enough to cope with accurate planning in such a dynamic environment.

Unexpected disruptions have consequences for production development, revenue generation, and the health system worldwide.


Together, we developed a data product that provides an overview of the entire supply chain. The data product synchronizes large amounts of data from different systems and thus enables them to proactively respond to disruptions.

One Data centralized data from the customer’s EPR systems, CMOs and suppliers. All relevant data is prepared using automation with AI to support linking mismatched data from across providers, and quality assured using quality checks in One Data. The AI-powered Data Product Builder makes it easy to identify, link and analyze relevant data.

Data product

With the consolidated data, our customer was able to establish a unified data map of all suppliers, CMOs, and materials, and maintain complete transparency over material inventory, demand, and deliveries.

The heat map data product provides an overview of all data along the supply chain to support production planning. Material production is tracked across multiple teams, inventory variances are managed, and data-driven communication along the supply chain is improved.

If bottlenecks are predicted, the user is notified through an early warning system. Additionally, the data product finds the most sensible materials needed in the warehouse or at external suppliers.


The data map gives the customer visibility into data from suppliers, CMOs, with additional insights into required and available materials. Inventory management has improved significantly, as has demand forecasting and supply planning.

Using the heat map data product, the customer now identifies where critical action is needed along the supply chain. It takes into account parameters such as inventory levels, orders, lead times and quality assurance. As a result, new drugs can be brought to market in record time while ensuring regulatory requirements are met at all times.

With the supply chain now running smoothly and reliably, the day–to–day work of everyone involved in pharmaceutical production is made easier. This allows our customer to focus on their core competencies and the important role they play in the healthcare system.

“Implementing a data product to optimize the supply chain can be a game-changer, especially in a field as regulated as pharmaceuticals.”

Dr. Andreas Böhm
Founder and Managing Director
One Data GmbH


A large pharmaceutical manufacturer



Data product

Heat map data product for supply chain visibility


Real-time visibility and predictive insights
Enhanced resilience and efficiency in supply chain
Streamlined material inventory
Compliance with regulations
Time saved in production planning

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Frequently asked questions

One Data transforms businesses into data-led entities by providing a comprehensive Data Product Builder. It enables the ingestion of data from diverse systems and its exploration through an interactive map. This approach empowers business users to request and utilize data products effectively and foster a data-driven culture across the enterprise.

Absolutely. One Data bridges the gap between data experts and non-technical business users. Its intuitive interface and Data Product Marketplace allow users of all skill levels to create, manage, and share data products efficiently. This is thus democratizing data access and collaboration within the organization.

Key benefits include significant time savings in developing and managing data pipelines, and the ability to quickly deploy quality-assured data products at scale. The platform streamlines processes through repeatable workflows and fosters enhanced collaboration between business, data, and IT teams. This leads to continuous innovation, operational efficiency, and reduced data storage costs.

One Data integrates AI into every stage of data product development. This reduces manual work and ensures the quality and integrity of data products. One Data helps you guarantee that the data is reliable and aligns with business contexts, enhancing decision-making accuracy and strategic insights.

One Data provides comprehensive support for the entire data product lifecycle. It includes the initial ingestion of data, facilitating user requests for data products, as well as data product building and sharing. This ensures that data products are efficiently developed and aligned with business needs and ready for scalable deployment.

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