Predictive Delivery Tracking:
Wait Times Become a Positive Experience

Manufacturers use data products to gain market advantage. Our client, a leading automotive manufacturer, worked with us to develop a data product that accurately tracks and predicts deliveries in real time. This emotionalizes the customer journey from order to delivery. As a result, customer satisfaction increases dramatically.

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Customers want to know exactly when their order will arrive. Ideally, they want to track the entire process step-by-step. Due to the complex nature of automotive production and delivery processes, this is difficult to predict reliably.


To keep pace with the rapid changes in the automotive industry, visibility across the supply chain is a key competitive advantage. Customers in the automotive industry have high expectations, especially when it comes to luxury cars. They require fast and binding delivery dates for their orders. Ideally, customers want to be informed about the progress of their delivery at all stages.

The goal of using a data product was to effectively manage and emotionalize such wait times. This increases customer satisfaction and even creates additional upselling opportunities. However, due to the enormous complexity of supply chains, this is a challenge for automotive manufacturers.

In the past, customers who placed an order faced long waits without knowing the status of their car or an estimated delivery date. This was not possible because the manufacturer lacked visibility into data across its order and production operations.


One Data’s customer in the automotive industry has successfully developed a data product to easily track such deliveries. One Data is used as the main tool to integrate and extract metadata from the customer’s existing source systems. It then automatically establishes links between data assets from across departments throughout the manufacturing and delivery process. The result is a comprehensive data map that provides an overview of all data in the suppy chain which is ready to be used to build data products.

Data Products

The delivery tracking data product automatically calculates estimated delivery dates in real time. It reliably takes into account the complexity of the supply chain and various transit times. The data product also considers the various steps along the manufacturing processes. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the delivery tracking provides customers with accurate visibility into the status of their order.


The automotive manufacture gained transparency around their entire production and order processes while saving data experts time for creating manual analysis. The data product dramatically improves an important part of the customer journey. Customers can now follow the progress of their ordered vehicle in real time via a smartphone app. This makes every step—from order to delivery—transparent for the customer.

The data product helps to significantly increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. There is also a countdown function that guarantees the exact delivery time and increases the anticipation of receiving the vehicle. Also, new upselling options can be exploited by additional feature suggestions during the order process.

“By using a data product for predictive delivery tracking, waiting time becomes an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. It also helps to increase customer satisfaction significantly.”

Dr. Andreas Böhm
Founder & Managing Director
One Data


Large automotive manufacturer


Automotive manufacturing

Data products

Predictive delivery tracking


More accurate delivery forecasts
Transparency over ordering and production
Stronger customer loyalty
Increased sales and upselling opportunities
Fast implementation
Harmonized source systems

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Frequently asked questions

One Data transforms businesses into data-led entities by providing a comprehensive Data Product Builder. It enables the ingestion of data from diverse systems and its exploration through an interactive map. This approach empowers business users to request and utilize data products effectively and foster a data-driven culture across the enterprise.

Absolutely. One Data bridges the gap between data experts and non-technical business users. Its intuitive interface and Data Product Marketplace allow users of all skill levels to create, manage, and share data products efficiently. This is thus democratizing data access and collaboration within the organization.

Key benefits include significant time savings in developing and managing data pipelines, and the ability to quickly deploy quality-assured data products at scale. The platform streamlines processes through repeatable workflows and fosters enhanced collaboration between business, data, and IT teams. This leads to continuous innovation, operational efficiency, and reduced data storage costs.

One Data integrates AI into every stage of data product development. This reduces manual work and ensures the quality and integrity of data products. One Data helps you guarantee that the data is reliable and aligns with business contexts, enhancing decision-making accuracy and strategic insights.

One Data provides comprehensive support for the entire data product lifecycle. It includes the initial ingestion of data, facilitating user requests for data products, as well as data product building and sharing. This ensures that data products are efficiently developed and aligned with business needs and ready for scalable deployment.

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