From Post-it Notes toData-Driven Process Mining

The benefits of data products in process mining

In the realm of process mining, where the quest for efficiency and optimization reigns supreme, the integration of data products emerges as a transformative approach.

Building and repurposing data products not only speeds up the process in identifying, analyzing, and improving business processes but also lays the groundwork to drive innovation and value creation with your companies most important asset – data.

Establishing a foundation ofof resiliency (problem)

As organizations look for solutions to mitigate macroeconomic challenges, increase speed to decision-making, and gear up for the era of generative AI, characterized by its potential to revolutionize industries and economies, a fundamental shift in mindset and strategy becomes imperative.

According to McKinsey, 70% of transformations fail due to organizations not aspiring to their full potential, delivering more slowly than anticipated, and maintaining less value in the long term.

To fully capitalize on the potential, organizations must embrace data product thinking and its role in accelerating the efficiency of process mining initiatives.

One Data for Process Mining

The fundamental key to getting started with process mining is data

Data stored across diverse systems, hidden through acquisitions and mergers yields a complex environment for any data team tasked with supporting use cases in process mining – one that often starts and ends with little results.

Technology solutions like One Data are marked to support data teams in their effort to integrate data from across source systems while also enabling data and business teams with tools to find, access, and use data assets or data products to build comprehensive data products for process mining activities.

One Data GenAI Model Development

Complexity in process mining lies in finding the correct source data in heterogenous source systems, often compounded by insufficient data quality and limitations in access to all the data needed to improve efficiency.

One Data'sprocess mining solutions

Rethinking data management to accelerate process mining

Rethinking data infrastructure becomes paramount in this journey towards enhanced process mining efficiency. Organizations need to think beyond legacy systems and acquire new data management tools that can surface and utilize once-hidden data, enabling extraordinary advances across the enterprise.

New tools should allow for planning, developing, and testing complex process mining use cases without extreme data redundancy and should limit context switching – One Data’s Business Case Builder aids in these processes driving coordinated planning and development.

Employing technology that facilitates collaboration and communication

One Data’s AI-Powered Data Product Builder is usable by both IT and data teams and prioritizes ease of use for businesspeople to be involved in the collaborative design, development, documentation, and delivery of data products that accelerate process mining initiatives.

By design, IT and data teams support requests for new data products using AI, set access to data and help business teams take responsibility in the managing and sharing of data products.

Data products as the catalyst for process mining optimization

Central to the acceleration of process mining efficiency is the application of data products across a spectrum of use cases. From automating report generation to optimizing pricing strategies and detecting security threats, data products serve as catalysts for innovation and optimization.

By leveraging One Data’s AI-Powered Data Product Builder, organizations can expedite the transition from ideation to implementation, empowering teams to develop and execute process mining in days rather than months or years.

Ensuring reliability of data products used in process mining

One Data’s solution empowers organizations focused on process mining to create standardized, quality assured, and monitored data products and deploy them across the enterprise, ensuring consistent and reliable data is available for use – particularly when it comes to sharing data with process mining technologies like Celonis.

This approach saves time, enhances productivity, and enables businesses to stay agile in their quest for operational excellence.

One Data for Process Mining

Accelerate process mining activitieswith One Data

Data products emerge as indispensable tools in the quest to accelerate process mining activities that unlock double digit savings related to time and resource allocation. By embracing data product thinking, rethinking data infrastructure, and fostering collaboration between data and business, organizations can chart a course towards innovation and value creation.

As the future of AI-driven innovation beckons, the integration of data products paves the way for organizations to not only survive but thrive in an era of unprecedented technological advancement.

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