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Episode 3 | Andreas Böhm

Connecting the Disconnected is a series of interviews with experts and Thought Leaders offering valuable and enriching insights and opinions on data products and Data Mesh. We are discussing current challenges in data management, the role of the latest technology trends and approaches, and how the future of data is transforming.

Moderated by Neda Talyai, our Director of Product Marketing, who is here to get the best information from our guests, to bring you the most helpful tips and trends, and to capture relevant opinions.

Episode 3Andreas BöhmThe impact of data products

Dive into the interview with Dr. Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director of One Data, as he charts his journey from a visionary Ph.D. candidate to leading a thriving international team.

This episode unravels Andreas’s deep-rooted passion for intelligent data utilization, his entrepreneurial insights, and the conception of One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder. He distills complex concepts, differentiating traditional statistics from AI, emphasizing the transformative role of data products, and offering advice to enterprises eager to leverage their own data.

With One Data, you can build, manage, and share data products and implement Data Mesh. The Data Product Builder uses AI in every step of data product development, significantly reducing manual effort. This makes it fast and easy to generate new, measurable business value from data.

Learn more about data product building with One Data →

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