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Data products come in various forms and serve different purposes, both individually to address specific questions and collectively to drive innovation across industries. Regardless of their use, data products share a common goal: simplifying data harmonization, preparation, quality assurance, and accessibility. This saves your data teams time and allows business users to extract insights from data products, adding value to your organization.

With the AI-powered Data Product Builder, you can accelerate the development of new data products tailored to your industry’s unique challenges.

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Solutions for Manufacturing

Data products empower manufacturing companies to tackle supply chain challenges, optimize operations, enhance visibility, and achieve greater efficiency.

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Solutions for Supply Chain

Overcome supply chain challenges with data products, to gain insights, streamline processes, and efficiently meet customer demands.

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Solutions for Pharmaceutical

Leverage data products to navigate complex challenges including compliance, R&D, and supply chain management for better healthcare outcomes.

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Solutions for Departments

Data products are not just the preserve of data experts. All departments, from HR to Sales, use data products for their own use cases.

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Preparing for Generative AI Initiatives

To make progress towards Gen AI, organizations need new solutions to leverage data products effectively across various use cases.

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Data-Driven Process Mining

Data products speed up the process in identifying, analyzing, and improving business processes but also lays the groundwork to drive innovation.

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Customer stories

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