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Build, Manage, and Share Data Productswith One Data

A single solution for your data to bridge the gap between IT and business

One Data is your central space for building, managing, and sharing data products with everyone, anywhere. It bridges the gap between data experts and business teams to simplify complex tasks. Your data experts build high-quality, reliable data products and share them with your business users to enable data-led projects, accelerating innovation. All in a single solution.


Simplify data product building with the help of AI. From initial request to development and deployment: One Data supports data experts and data-savvy business users to build data products in minutes. No coding or data science skills required. Fast, easy, and sustainable.

  • Request data product assisted by AI
  • Define value for your business case
  • Streamline metadata extraction
  • Full visibility in the One Data Map
  • AI-powered workflows for data product development
  • Publish to the Data Product Marketplace
Build data products


Keep track and manage the entire data product lifecycle in a central space. The Kanban-style home page of One Data enables comprehensive data product management with a user-friendly process.

  • Manage the data product lifecycle, Kanban-style
  • Access data products for your use cases
  • Activate metadata
  • Keep data quality high with automation
  • Get quality alerts and eliminate errors
  • Monitor and track data lineage
Manage data products


Time to say goodbye to data silos. Ingest all relevant data to One Data, and visualize it in a unified, interactive map. The Data Product Marketplace lets you find, access, and share data products with everyone, anywhere to drive new business outcomes.

  • Connect all your systems in a central space
  • Navigate, search, and discover data products in the Data Product Marketplace
  • Share data products to 3rd party systems
  • Get more from your existing investments
Share data products


Easily set up One Data on your own terms. A team of technical experts is here to support you at any step of the way. Fast, secure, and simple.

  • Easy deployment and technical setup
  • Hosting and support
  • Apply data governance to data products
  • Data product layer
One Data platform

According to the Gartner® Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO) Agenda Survey for 2024, 50% of respondents have already deployed data products, and another 29% are committed to piloting or considering deployment within the next year.


Achieve any business goal.Led by reliable data. To make decisions that count.

One Data lets you build, manage, and share data products to gain new, valuable insights. Use your data to make reliable, strategic decisions that drive positive outcomes for your business.

You specifically design data products to achieve the unique outcomes you define. Whether it’s saving time and resources or gaining new revenue—data products help you achieve results more reliably, sustainably, and effectively.



Let your teams work and collaborate more efficiently with data and enable them to gain more reliable insights for strategic decisions.



Speed up and scale the process of delivering reliable data-based insights to the business.



Shift towards a more agile and scalable approach to working with data. Get rid of stiff technologies to get more out of your existing investments.

Frequently asked questions

One Data transforms businesses into data-led entities by providing a comprehensive Data Product Builder. It enables the ingestion of data from diverse systems and its exploration through an interactive map. This approach empowers business users to request and utilize data products effectively and foster a data-driven culture across the enterprise.

Absolutely. One Data bridges the gap between data experts and non-technical business users. Its intuitive interface and Data Product Marketplace allow users of all skill levels to create, manage, and share data products efficiently. This is thus democratizing data access and collaboration within the organization.

Key benefits include significant time savings in developing and managing data pipelines, and the ability to quickly deploy quality-assured data products at scale. The platform streamlines processes through repeatable workflows and fosters enhanced collaboration between business, data, and IT teams. This leads to continuous innovation, operational efficiency, and reduced data storage costs.

One Data integrates AI into every stage of data product development. This reduces manual work and ensures the quality and integrity of data products. One Data helps you guarantee that the data is reliable and aligns with business contexts, enhancing decision-making accuracy and strategic insights.

One Data provides comprehensive support for the entire data product lifecycle. It includes the initial ingestion of data, facilitating user requests for data products, as well as data product building and sharing. This ensures that data products are efficiently developed and aligned with business needs and ready for scalable deployment.

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