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Transforming data managementwith data products

A data product is essentially a set of data, metadata, semantics, and templates that are curated and maintained to be immediately useful for specific business objectives. This principle ensures reliable, high-quality data that drives informed decisions and strategic insights.

According to international researchers like Gartner® and BARC, data products become more and more relevant as a new “Hype Cycle” topic in an emerging high growth market.

Why are data productsthe way forward?

In a perfect world, data serves as the lifeblood for technological advancements and data-driven decision-making, impacting business value chains. In reality, most time and money spent in data projects is spent on non-value adding tasks like data preparation, leading to untapped financial potential.

The recent boom in GenAI demonstrates the increasing importance of data-driven value creation across all sectors. The emerging concept of data products aims to make more data accessible and easily usable for all business users, bridging the gap between IT and data monetization.

Meet One Data

Our mission

We enable data experts to build data products that business users need.

We are a German-based software company that is redefining the landscape of data management with our market-first AI-powered Data Product Builder.

Infusing AI into every stage of data product development, it cuts manual work, ensuring a rapid, easy, and cost-effective way to generate measurable business value from data.

Our solution

IT, data, and business teams can truly collaborate driven by data and support by AI.

Our expertise in data science and over a decade of experience in data-driven projects have led us to develop a platform that ensures the quality, integrity, and accessibility of data products, promoting a data-centric culture and literacy across organizations.

With the establishment of a Data Product Marketplace, One Data strategically dismantles data silos, creating a central space for data collaboration and seamless sharing.

Our customer's value

Data products are the fastest path to achieving critical business outcomes and innovation.

We concentrate on bridging the gap between data experts and non-technical business users, enabling them to build, manage, and share data products efficiently while ensuring interoperability and high data quality.

We are not just a software provider. We focus on people, driving business innovation, and utilizing data to power transformative data projects with a tangible, impactful, process-oriented solution.

Andreas Böhm One Data

Data is our world, and we want to reveal the whole story behind it, to unlock its value and drive profitability for your business. That’s our goal with data products.

Dr. Andreas Böhm | Founder & Managing Director

Ten years of great milestones


One Data recoginzed in yet another Gartner® report: “6 Lessons Data Leaders Can Learn From the Early Adopter of Data Mesh”, stating that “delivering business value using data products will become a compelling trend in the near future. Overall, it seems that data product management is the imminent starting point for anything related to data mesh”. A major milestone for us as Data Product Builders.


ONE LOGIC becomes One Data as it embraces a bold, single vision for success: To use the AI-powered Data Product Builder software as as a foundation for implementing the principles of Data Mesh. To support this new vision, our team expands of over 200. At the end of the year, we had an amazing product launch, presenting brand-new, innovative AI capabilities of One Data.


ONE LOGIC opens an office in Berlin. With the launch of ONE DATA Cartography, ONE LOGIC has a standardized enabling technology for visualizing data landscapes. In addition, ONE LOGIC responds to geopolitical challenges in global supply chains with a solution for supply chain optimization.


Gartner®, Inc., declares ONE LOGIC a “2021 Gartner Cool Vendors™ in AI Core Technologies”. We’re the only German company to receive this distinction. In September, ONE LOGIC successfully completed a Series B funding round, spearheaded by Salvia GmbH, raising an eight-figure sum. In addition to this, the steel manufacturer thyssenkrupp Steel Europe optimizes its internal processes with a solution from ONE LOGIC.


ONE LOGIC receives the Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s “Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business” award and becomes a member of the AI Federal Association. For the first time, a forecast and recommendation tool from ONE LOGIC is used in the automotive industry to help retailers better predict and respond to their customers’ needs. Markant, Europe’s leading retail partner, relies on an AI-based sales forecast from ONE LOGIC to increase sales while lowering resource consumption.


The third ONE LOGIC office opens in Frankfurt. In total, the company now employs more than 100 people.


ONE LOGIC is honored with Bavaria’s “Best 50″—an award from the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, State Development and Energy for the fastest-growing mid-sized companies in Bavaria.


One Data meets data science demand and builds a new service and delivery unit for data products, prompting significant growth and relocation to the One Data campus in Passau.


The office in Munich opens. ONE LOGIC hosts the annual Passau Data Science Summit for the first time. The focus is on the sustainable use of data science and the current state of AI research.


The young start-up begins to develop its Data Product Builder ONE DATA. One year later, the first version goes live.


Andreas Böhm founds ONE LOGIC in a small office in Passau. His vision is to build a European AI champion with its own platform.

Our top tier

Founder Andreas Böhm (Product Unit), Stefan Roskos (Business Development & Wavetrade Unit), and Gregor Wiest (Delivery, People & Business Functions Unit) make up our management board. They are supported in their decision-making by the advisory board.

Andreas Böhm One Data

Dr. Andreas Böhm
Founder & Managing Director


Dr. Stefan Roskos
Managing Director

Dr. Gregor Wiest
Managing Director

Promoting young talent

Nurturing the next generation of talent is essential. Through the “Deutschlandstipendium”, we help fund high achievers with scholarships at German universities. We’re also a member of KI Bundesverband, Germany’s largest network of innovative AI and deep tech companies.