Adding the missing piece
to your data management puzzle

Getting One Data up and running is easy. We leverage Kubernetes for scalable and efficient deployment and requires a specific Kubernetes setup for rapid data product development. We offer flexible deployment options in AWS or Azure (managed Kubernetes services), on-premises, or hosted by us, and prioritize data security with comprehensive access controls. The platform’s data product layer simplifies data management by centralizing access to data products and metadata.

Apply data governance
to data products

Access management in One Data ensures that your users have the permission controls they need to grant, deny, or revoke access to data products. It also enables users to request access to data products outside their business unit or group in a secure and streamlined manner.

Data product layer

One Data’s dynamic and robust data product layer enables centralized access to data from externally supported systems with ease. This includes extracting and storing metadata such as schema, row count, or creation date from the supported source system. The data product layer serves as the foundation for accessing and managing your data products, enabling the storage of data products and metadata.

Deployment and technical setup to
on-premises, AWS or Azure environments

One Data is optimized to run on distributed systems and requires a Kubernetes cluster for successful deployment. The multi-cloud capabilities of Kubernetes enable seamless deployment, and rapid delivery of new releases, whether to an on-premises infrastructure* or to your AWS/Azure environment in the respective managed Kubernetes services (EKS, AKS).

*Deployment to on-premises infrastructure depends on the fulfillment of the requirements for Kubernetes cluster and infrastructure as provided by One Data.

Kubernetes cluster requirements

One Data runs on an on-premises K8s, AWS EKS or Azure AKS cluster. As the product is constantly evolving, so are the detailed infrastructure requirements.

Hosting and support packages

Our experts are here to assist you with the installation process on your deployed K8s cluster, leveraging its features for optimal performance. With access to your K8s cluster granted to our specialists, they can support you in the installation & configuration of One Data. Deployment and image updates can be seamlessly pulled into your application from our public image registry. One Data can be installed on your Kubernetes cluster either through automated pipelines or manually through Helm. Additionally, the Data Product Builder is available on cloud platforms through Azure AKS and AWS EKS.

We can help you set up automated deployment pipelines or handle the entire installation process on your Kubernetes cluster for you. Leverage our expertise in application deployment, monitoring, scaling, and troubleshooting to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We provide best practices and recommendations to optimize the performance and stability of One Data within your Kubernetes cluster.

You receive ongoing support and collaboration through multiple communication channels, our ticketing systems, dedicated support teams, and regularly scheduled meetings.

Data governance and security

You can establish consistent security and governance across the enterprise and ensure secure access to your data assets and data products. Protect your data with comprehensive roles and rights management. Data products published in your Data Product Marketplace can only be accessed with the appropriate permission. Clear ownership of data assets and data products ensures quality and reliability. Integrated roles and rights management ensures standardized authorization on your terms.

One Data supports standard authentication through SAML and integration with external directory services such as Azure Active Directory. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) are also available through SAML 2.0.

Services and support

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