Enhancing Efficiency in Logistics and Supply Chainsat thyssenkrupp SE

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is further optimizing its internal processes with One Data, significantly speeding up the creation of data products and data analysis.

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thyssenkrupp Steel Europe (SE) is a global leader in flat carbon steel manufacturing. The company is dedicated to innovation in steel, offering high-quality products for modern applications across various industries, including automotive, mechanical engineering, packaging, energy, and construction.


thyssenkrupp SE generates vast volumes of data, including customer offers, orders, raw material deliveries, quality assurance, and logistics. The data is distributed among departments, isolated, and subject to inefficient manual connection processes. This situation leads to challenges like isolated data volumes among departments and the use of various databases and systems.


With One Data, thyssenkrupp SE has broken down data silos, enabling data to be cleaned, structured, automatically merged, and organized efficiently. This collaboration aims to connect existing and future company data using AI, transforming disparate and labor-intensive data management into a centralized, proactive, automated, and up-to-date process.


By using One Data, thyssenkrupp SE achieved more efficient order planning and improved delivery schedules, optimized Net Working Capital, smoother global transport logistics, insights into impending costs, and enhanced warehousing.

“Without the willingness of the project managers and the team as a whole to keep looking at what thyssenkrupp Steel Europe wants to achieve from new angles, we wouldn’t have come so far and wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Dieter Grossmann
Head of Enterprise, Platforms & Data Intelligence
thyssenkrupp Steel Europe


thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG


Steel manufacturing

Data product

Efficient order planning and warehousing


Increased efficiency in logistics and supply chain operations
Improved data quality and transparency
Significant cost savings through optimized data management and usage

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Frequently asked questions

One Data transforms businesses into data-led entities by providing a comprehensive Data Product Builder. It enables the ingestion of data from diverse systems and its exploration through an interactive map. This approach empowers business users to request and utilize data products effectively and foster a data-driven culture across the enterprise.

Absolutely. One Data bridges the gap between data experts and non-technical business users. Its intuitive interface and Data Product Marketplace allow users of all skill levels to create, manage, and share data products efficiently. This is thus democratizing data access and collaboration within the organization.

Key benefits include significant time savings in developing and managing data pipelines, and the ability to quickly deploy quality-assured data products at scale. The platform streamlines processes through repeatable workflows and fosters enhanced collaboration between business, data, and IT teams. This leads to continuous innovation, operational efficiency, and reduced data storage costs.

One Data integrates AI into every stage of data product development. This reduces manual work and ensures the quality and integrity of data products. One Data helps you guarantee that the data is reliable and aligns with business contexts, enhancing decision-making accuracy and strategic insights.

One Data provides comprehensive support for the entire data product lifecycle. It includes the initial ingestion of data, facilitating user requests for data products, as well as data product building and sharing. This ensures that data products are efficiently developed and aligned with business needs and ready for scalable deployment.

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