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One Data is a purpose-built solution to bridge the gap between IT, data, and businesspeople.

One Data AI in every step

AI at every step in the development process

Reduce manual effort and redundancy at every step in the development process.

One Data No Friction

Designed to reduce friction across any users

Foster context exchange to build sustainable data products.

One Data Shorter Time to Value

Collaboration for faster value creation

Find and access the right data products to generate measurable business value.

Build, manage,
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data products
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with everyone,

A modularized suite to support end-to-end data product delivery

Enable teams with core capabilities to facilitate collaboration and communication on value-adding tasks.

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Plan and develop data products

Manage the complete lifecycle

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Put One Data to work

One Data - Data as a Product

Treat more data as a product

Treating more of your companies’ available data as a valuable business asset that is visible, curated, maintained, and delivered with a focus on usability and value is the future of business.

One Data – Data Mesh and Data Fabric

Deploy Data Mesh or Data Fabric

Streamline data product management and accessibility, whether you’re focused on a decentralized architecture with domain-oriented ownership or integrating a single, unified architecture across the enterprise, agility is our focus.

One Data - Data Ops

Conquer DataOps

Improve the quality, speed, and impact of data-related activities across your IT, data, and business teams. Standardize your teams across a dynamic platform to support data-led projects.

Built for everyone
across your organization

One Data - Data Product Developer

Data Product Developer – Stay the data nerd you are with less stress

  • Extract metadata from heterogenous systems
  • Build reliable, user-centric data products
  • Ensure compliance and trust in data
  • Leverage data product reusability to save time and manual effort
  • Share data products internally and externally

One Data - Data Product Consumer

Data Product Owner and Consumer – Become a data user without being a data expert

  • Access and discover data-driven insights fast
  • Analyze data easily for innovation
  • Apply reliable insights to optimize strategies without deep data expertise
  • Speed up decision-making processes
  • Save cost, increase revenue, or monetize data

One Data - Data Leader

Data Leader – Transform towards a data-led company to stay ahead

  • Increase agility with faster response times
  • Ensure data demand is met
  • Align data products with business objectives
  • Promote employee data literacy and culture
  • Guide strategic data utilization for innovation
  • Gain competitive advantage while still saving resources

Accelerate business impact with reliable data products

Business value is about either saving your resources or gaining new ones. With data products, you can not only achieve positive results—but measure them, too.

One Data aims to support your people, improve processes, and refine your approach to using technology.

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Efficient data management for enhanced decision-making

AI-powered development for increased efficiency and productivity

Cost-effective data management to support cost reduction with D&A initiatives

Advanced analytics for quality and risk management

Collaboration for innovative business models

Security for regulatory compliance

Accessibility for employee empowerment

Customer data analysis for enhanced customer experience

Agile market analysis for revenue growth and competitiveness


We believe delivering business value using data products will become a compelling trend in the near future. Overall, it seems that data product management is the imminent starting point for anything related to data mesh.

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One Data is the leading solution
to support you on your data product journey

Whether you’re process-mining, driving supply chain optimization, or exploring impactful use cases for AI & ML models—data products are essential to accelerate outcomes.

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