On-Demand Webinar:(Data-) Productize Your Business –"Meet, Greet, Build" – Product Spotlight

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Watch the software deep-dive sessionfrom our virtual product launch event

Here, we take you deeper into our software. Discover how our first-to-market Data Product Builder equips data experts to effortlessly build, discover, prepare, and deploy data products. Experience the seamless integration of AI into your data processes and unlock the true potential of your data.

This session is for
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Experts
  • Data Scientists
  • Data (product) Providers

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the capabilities of our AI-powered Data Product Builder for your use cases. This session will equip you to reshape the way you approach data product creation and inspire your thinking for your organization’s data technology stack.

Watch the focus session to get a deeper understanding of how One Data:
  • Leverages your full data technology stack
  • Powers the creation, delivery, management, and governance of data products
  • Helps data engineers, data experts, and their respective business partners access and connect to quality-assured data products to gain new insights for decision-making

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Deep dive into:
Data Product Building

Connecting, preparing, quality-checking, and deploying high-quality data products across tools or to applications.

Data Product Lifecycle Management

Developing consistent data product lifecycle management practices from request – build – manage – sunset.

Data Product Marketplace

Find, access, and use available data products to drive internal projects and facilitate cross-departmental collaboration.

Your expert


Dr. Nicholas Heck-GroßekPrincipal Solution Engineer

Nick has dedicated the past decade to the field of data analytics. He has worked closely with various businesses and research facilities, providing consultation on scientific data collection methods, visual analytics, and data analytics strategies. Nick has successfully tackled data challenges across a wide range of industries, working with companies of all sizes. He excels at identifying business challenges, for translating them into technical requirements and offering sustainable solutions. Nick holds a PhD in Sociology from City, University of London.

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