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eBookData Mesh

How companies can unearth data treasures

What you will findin this Data Mesh eBook:

  • The four principles of Data Mesh
  • What you need for a decentralized data architecture
  • How to implement Data Mesh in practice
  • The technical foundations for Data Mesh

Many companies have already recognized and discovered for themselves the huge potential offered by the Data Mesh approach. It promises more scalability and better data use thanks to a decentralized approach to data storage and the networking of departments and areas of expertise.

Download this eBook and gain insights into Data Mesh and everything you need to know about the topic.

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eBook Data Mesh

With One Data, you can build, manage, and share data products and implement Data Mesh.
The Data Product Builder uses AI in every step of data product development, significantly reducing manual effort. This makes it fast and easy to generate new, measurable business value from data.

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