One Data Recognized as a Stand-Alone VendorFocused on Data Product Creation at Gartner® D&A Summit

Coming back from the Gartner D&A Summit in London I am still amazed to see the traction around the topic of data products. Over 4.000 data enthusiasts came together, discussing the business impact of data products. But the most exciting part of the summit to me surely was the mention of One Data as a key vendor for data products!

The recognition of One Data as a stand-alone vendor focused on data product creation by Gartner® is a testament to our innovative approach and the relevance of our products. This is not just a milestone for us as a company but also highlights the growing importance of data products in the industry.

Why data products matter and why they matter now

Data products are becoming increasingly vital in modern data strategies, transforming raw data into valuable, reusable assets that enhance business decisions. Their significance lies in their ability to ensure agility, scalability, and trust in data management. With the growing complexity of data environments and the demand for timely, high-quality insights, focusing on data products is crucial. They provide competitive advantages, operational efficiencies, and new revenue streams, making them a strategic investment for any organization looking to leverage its data effectively.

According to Gartner®, data products have several key benefits:

Time to insight

Business-IT collaboration


Real-time situational awareness


Differentiation and IP

Agile delivery

New revenue streams (monetization)

The significance of Gartner®'s recognition for data products

Gartner®, a leading research and advisory company, has identified data products as a critical component of the emerging high-growth market. International researchers like Gartner® and BARC identified data products as a new “Hype Cycle” topic in 2023 and continue to underscore their increasing relevance. This recognition places One Data at the forefront of a significant shift in how businesses approach data management.

Data products as the future of data management

In an ideal world, data is the lifeblood for technological advancements and data-driven decision-making, profoundly impacting business value chains. However, the reality often involves significant time and financial resources spent on non-value-adding tasks like data preparation, leading to untapped potential. The recent boom in Generative AI (GenAI) has demonstrated the increasing importance of data-driven value creation across all sectors. Data products aim to make data more accessible and easily usable for all business users, bridging the gap between IT and business.

One Data's unique approach to data product management

At One Data, we pride ourselves on supporting the end-to-end process of discovering, designing, building, managing, and sharing data products. Our platform is purpose-built to handle every aspect of data product management, providing an all-in-one solution that sets us apart from competitors. Unlike other solutions that rely on complex data ecosystems and multiple tools, One Data offers a seamless, integrated experience that simplifies the entire process. This ease of use empowers business teams to take an active role in data management, reducing the need for centralized control and extensive effort from data professionals. Our expertise is solely focused on data products, ensuring we provide the most effective and user-friendly solutions in the market.


Our core focus is on data products and providing an end-to-end solution to help discover, design, build, manage, and share use-case specific data products that help data and business teams document and realize value. This is our area of focus and expertise across engineering and services. This is the area we will continue to focus on - setting us apart from those in the industry who focus on all things data management.

Dr. Andreas Böhm, Founder and Managing Director, One Data

Why Gartner®'s recognition matters for One Data and the industry

One Data’s mention at the Gartner® D&A Summit as well as the recent inclusion as a vendor for data products in the Gartner® report, “6 Lessons Data Leaders Can Learn From the Early Adopter of Data Mesh,” highlights the strategic importance of data products. The report states, “delivering business value using data products will become a compelling trend in the near future. Overall, it seems that data product management is the imminent starting point for anything related to data mesh.” This recognition underscores our role as pioneers in this field, having gathered extensive expertise over the years by focusing on enabling businesses to discover, design, build, manage, and share data products.

Bridging the gap between IT and business with data as a product

The need for a new strategy in data management is clear. Businesses require a standardized approach to managing data, moving away from the inefficiencies of creating solutions from scratch for each use case. Data products bring IT and business closer together, enabling a more streamlined, efficient, and impactful data management process. At One Data, we differentiate ourselves by simplifying the process of working with data products, making data-driven decisions more accessible to all business users.

One Data Gartner


Being recognized as a vendor by Gartner® at the D&A Summit 2024 is a significant achievement for One Data. It validates our efforts and innovations in data product creation and reinforces our commitment to leading the industry in this shift in data management. As data products continue to gain traction, we are excited to be at the forefront, driving the future of data management and helping businesses unlock their full potential. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to exchange ideas around data products.


Andreas Böhm One Data

Dr. Andreas BöhmFounder and Managing Director, One Data

Dr. Andreas Böhm graduated from the University of Passau with a degree in business administration in 2008 and went on to gain project and consulting experience at Accenture and Volkswagen. Early on, he recognized the huge potential of combining statistical methods and IT solutions, and founded his first company in 2009. Dr Böhm was then awarded a PhD in statistics from the University of Passau. He founded One Data GmbH in April 2013, bringing his vision of harnessing the potential of efficiency in data to life.

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