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From request to recommendation:Simplify data product building with AI

Simplify the data product building process with AI using One Data. Request data products through an AI-supported form, find the right data in your interactive data map, and start the development process. Design and build data products with drag-and-drop capabilities using workflows. After completing the task, review, approve, and share your data product on the Data Product Marketplace and with third-party systems to assist others in making strategic decisions. This process is fast, easy, and sustainable. 

Request data productsassisted by AI

Building data products starts with a need: You have a business question that needs solving. And you need data to answer it. Log in to One Data and browse the Data Product Marketplace to see if there is already something available that meets your needs. If not, you can simply request a new data product.

AI helps you automatically complete your request—providing context, requirements, semantics, and recommendations for which data assets or data products are available and reusable for your use case. The speed of data product creation, management, and discovery has never been faster—from months to hours.

Define valuefor your business case

Outlining and visualizing the end-to-end design of your data product is key to delivering reliable business value while saving time. Scope, design, and prototype your data product using a modular system.

This helps you define the right data product for your use case before moving to production. Use the Business Case Builder to have conversations with your stakeholders to ensure the value is clear. Get sign-off on the prototype to reduce friction in the process.

Streamlinemetadata extraction

You need data for a data product—that’s a given. But how do you access heterogenous systems and use them in your data products? Extract the metadata your team needs from any source to start building. One Data streamlines the process of metadata extraction (MDE) from source systems into One Data, enabling your technical users to set up MDE plans with ease.

Metadata from multiple sources is used to populate the interactive data map that supports your data product creation. Activating metadata with layered automated quality control or freshness status.

Full visibility of your datain the One Data Map

The interactive map is built from the metadata of all your relevant data assets, automatically clustered by context, connections, semantics, and hierarchies. Gain powerful visibility and discover available data assets quick and easy. All data from your existing data sources, suppliers and partners, or independent market data your business needs, is automatically captured in a complete view. With the One Data Map, your data product builders can easily search, discover, and use data assets to build and deliver data products that leverage more of your organization’s data.

Are you a technical expert? You’ll probably want to drill down into your source systems. Are you a business user? Then change the hierarchy level to business and see your data sorted by the context that makes sense to you, such as departments.

Ignite AI-powered workflowsfor data product development

One Data simplifies the data product development process with an intuitive workflow builder. Pre-built or customized with drag-and-drop functionality.

With AI-assisted SQL generation and AI Chat, One Data has you covered: Work efficiently and automatically link assets with auto-generated code to support data product creation. Use Link AI to identify the right parameters to determine the right way to join records—including columns and rows—while cleansing data. And with less time and less manual effort… your data product is built.

Publish to theData Product Marketplace

Approve and publish your ready-to-use data products to the Data Product Marketplace in One Data. Business and data teams can search for, access, and use trusted data products for their specific use cases. Data products built in One Data are designed to be reusable, so you can sustainably scale your data usage.

The Data Product Marketplace is your central collaborative place to find, access, and share available data products—empowering businesspeople to take action using data.

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