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Enable everyone, anywhereto use data products

Goodbye data silos—hello unified data landscape! One Data’s ingestion processing streamlines your data so you can easily visualize it on the interactive One Data Map. Automatic and scheduled ingestion plans, quality checks, metadata enrichment, and linking of assets keep your data landscape and data products in perfect condition. As a central collaboration hub, the Data Product Marketplace allows everyone to find, share, and access ready-to-use data products.

Connect all your systemsin a central space

One Data provides a single point of connectivity to unify data from all your preferred platforms. Easily connect, extract, and use data from your larger data landscape for data product development in an easy-to-use way.

Designed to meet your unique needs, One Data is built for extensibility.

Navigate, search, and discoverin the Data Product Marketplace

The Data Product Marketplace is a central collaboration hub for all your data products. Anyone building a data product in your company can easily store and share them here.

It gives you a natural and intuitive way to make use of data products: Search, find, select, and request access to quality-assured data products. The best part: They’re ready to use for your business case. With the Marketplace, you’re set up to promote data sharing and collaboration across your business.

Share data productsin 3rd party systems

Build your data products in One Data and reuse them in your preferred data tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Snowflake (data warehouses), or Databricks. Access data products from any application that supports PostgreSQL via JDBC/ODBC to power internal tools. Give your data experts and business users the flexibility to reuse data products for their data-driven projects in the tool of their choice.

Seamless integration ensures that data teams have immediate access and a streamlined process for creating, understanding, and deploying high-quality data products across the enterprise. Leverage your existing technology, from business intelligence tools to advanced analytics platforms, to maximize their effectiveness.

One Data is the missing linkin your analytics landscape

Get more from yourTableau investment

By combining Tableau’s exceptional visualization tools with One Data, you can efficiently connect, discover, prepare, validate, and deploy data products for use in Tableau and across your BI landscape. Need greater visibility to manage your Tableau ecosystem or build data products for business use? This partnership ensures that data-driven insights and visualizations are both accurate and impactful for your business.

Make data products available to everyone in your organization and promote sustainable reuse of data products.

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