Procure Critical Components
and Reduce Overcapacities
data-driven in One Platform

Wavetrade –
the AI-powered

Act data driven in semiconductor buying and handling

Wavetrade in numbers

20 billion

Components on the platform


Unique types of semiconductors


Average trade volume (in components)

What it is

Wavetrade transforms semiconductor procurement. It's a global match-making platform, enabling semiconductor exchanges between peers. It smoothens out the bullwhip effect in the industry enhanced and driven by data and market intelligence insights. The result: optimized stock, improved working capital, and future-oriented recommendations for action.

Why you need it

Are you affected by semiconductor overstock and in need of a way to compensate for surplus components? Are you facing shortages in semiconductor stock? Are you already anticipating the next crisis and are on the lookout for data-driven responses?
Wavetrade is the strategic solution, optimizing stock, reducing disruptions, and recommending future actions. Be in control, embrace efficiency with Wavetrade, and propel your operations to success.

How it works

Streamlining component procurement and minimizing overstock are seamlessly integrated. Wavetrade matches demand and supply of all platform partners in an anonymous way. Collaborating in a trade is supported by logistics handling and quality assurance. Furthermore Wavetrade generates data-driven recommendations for future action from the activities on the platform and additional external data.

Making the Industry Inventory of
Critical Components Available

Strategically reduce stock inventories.

Wavetrade makes the stock of surplus chips of participating platform members available to the entire community. Members can sell and buy components to and from each other. This enables inventory reduction and net working capital optimization. Anonymity is maintained during the matching phase but also afterwards while the components are exchanged.

Avoid ad-hoc escalations via an additional channel.

Procuring critical components requires intense manual effort when done without a systematic platform. Especially during allocation this usually requires resource-heavy taskforces and leads to escalations. In contrast, Wavetrade continuously screens supply and demand on the platform and systematically matches them.

Optimize supply chain resilience through automated recommendations.

Wavetrade increases semiconductor supply chain resilience as it generates data-driven recommendations for future actions from the activities on the platform enriched by external data. In anticipation of the next crisis, it is now time to take precautionary measures and early and sustainably prevent manual task force efforts.

Wavetrade helps  Sales 

in med-tech, the automotive sector, consumer electronics manufacturers, home appliances, power tools.

More about Wavetrade

Frequently asked questions

Wavetrade provides an additional procurement channel and helps to reduce overstock inventory. Procuring the required components and reducing inventories of overstock components becomes part of a single, seamless system. Partners can stay completely anonymous during a trade and collaborate through an intermediary that also takes care of quality assurance. As soon as a match is confirmed, both partners can immediately view the responsible contact person and their contact details to directly set up the contract.

With Wavetrade you can anonymously buy and sell electronic components with peers in your own and similar industries.

For all trades on Wavetrade, the quality of the components is assured by an intermediate and independent test laboratory.

Wavetrade can be accessed through your browser (SaaS). You can access it through your individual login credentials.

You can immediately start using Wavetrade after you receive your login credentials even during the setup phase. Depending on the hosting a full Wavetrade setup can take a couple of days to a few weeks.

Wavetrade started in the automotive sector but is expanding across other industries like Medtech, mechanical engineering, consumer electronics, home appliances, power tools and others.

Yes, you can stay anonymous during the matching and also the trading phase

Wavetrade partners with independent test laboratories that have longtime experience in the semiconductor space. These test laboratories act as intermediate parties at every trade and assure the component quality and take care of the trade processing.

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