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WhitepaperCoordinating Collaborative Development ofReusable Data Products to Shorten Time to Value

Learn why reusable data products and AI-driven strategies for collaborative data product development are helping data teams enable business with data in 2024

What you will findin this whitepaper:

  • Strategies to overcome the challenges in reducing time to value
  • The definition and advantages of data products in accelerating data analytics
  • Essential elements for speeding up the development of data products
  • First steps in your data product strategy

Grab your copy of the whitepaper, “Coordinating Collaborative Development of Reusable Data Products to Shorten Time to Value” to fully grasp the concept of data products, their impact, and practical solutions for their effective creation and management.

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Whitepaper Reusable Data Products

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90% of time in data projects is spent on non-value-added tasks. As a leader in the data field, the challenge of delivering insightful data quickly and cost-effectively is paramount. With an increasing amount of data, expectations rise along with the associated costs. We are happy to equip you with a practical whitepaper to this challenge.

It’s a detailed guide to collaboratively developing data products—straight from Mike Ferguson, an independent IT industry analyst and consultant. He is CEO of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited and specializes in data management and analytics (BI/ML/AI). As a thought leader with over 30 years of experience in data management he is conference chairman of Big Data LDN, the largest data and analytics conference in Europe.

With One Data, you can build, manage, and share such data products.
The Data Product Builder uses AI in every step of data product development, significantly reducing manual effort. This makes it fast and easy to generate new, measurable business value from data.

Learn more about data product building with One Data →

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