Whitepaper One Data

Benefits of Democratizing
Data Access

Balancing increased data sharing with data governance using data products

What you will find
in this whitepaper:

  • The imperative of data democratization and unlocking the potential with data products (by One Data)
  • The shared value of data governance and data products (by Dataciders)
  • Principles of modern data governance and how to enable data sharing (by Thoughtworks)

Download the resource for IT professionals and business strategists to delve deeper into actionable insights and comprehensive strategies that promise to unlock the full potential of their data assets.

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More Information

This whitepaper is a collaboration between One Data, Dataciders, and Thoughtworks.

Authors: Dr. Andreas Böhm (One Data), Sarah Credo (One Data), Christian Schneider (Dataciders), and Tiankai Feng (Thoughtworks)

Whitepaper Benefits of Democratizing Data Access

More about
this whitepaper

In today’s competitive business environment, ensuring that accurate, timely, and relevant data is accessible to all is critical. Yet most organizations fail to operationalize the data they store.

This whitepaper argues that democratizing data access is not just a technical endeavor, but a strategic imperative that is critical to fostering innovation, driving business agility, and sustaining competitive advantage. It outlines the challenges organizations face, such as data silos, compliance hurdles, and technical complexities that impede the free flow of information and underscores the need for a cultural shift to a more open, collaborative approach to data sharing.

The whitepaper introduces the concept of data products as a solution to these challenges—sophisticated tools that provide controlled access to data, ensure compliance, improve data quality, and thereby facilitate informed decision making across the enterprise.

With One Data, you can build, manage, and share such data products.
The Data Product Builder uses AI in every step of data product development, significantly reducing manual effort. This makes it fast and easy to generate new, measurable business value from data.

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