On-Demand Webinar:How Data Products Advance Your Tableau Investment

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Creating value with data products

Enterprise organizations have a dedicated need for data to make informed decisions, explore revenue opportunities, and manage costs. However, they often face challenges in connecting and preparing diverse data for analysis in tools like Tableau. Swift access to data products is crucial for modern organizations enabling them to analyze data, uncover insights, mitigate risks, and achieve corporate goals.

This webinar is for:
  • Data experts who deal with data requests from different teams with various BI- and analytics tools.
  • Decision makers who already have tools as Tableau in place but struggle to generate the promised value due to crippling data silos.
Watch the recording to learn about:
  • Common data challenges Tableau users face
  • How self-service has evolved and considerations for the next generation of business users
  • What data products are and why they are beneficial to data and business teams

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Explore two major use cases:
  • How to build, manage, and share high-quality, reusable data products to improve outcomes for end users in Tableau while enabling additional use cases across your business
  • How to gain complete visibility into your Tableau landscape

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Neda Talyai One Data

Neda TalyaiMarketing Director – Product & Content

Neda is the Director of Product Marketing at One Data with a track record of driving growth for both emerging companies and Fortune 500 companies. She now drives the conversation between our data product experts and the marketing department at One Data. She has served as Head of Demand Generation at Heap, Vice President of Marketing at Splash, and was a key contributor to Tableau’s global B2B go-to-market strategy, where she led demand generation for the Enterprise/IT segment. With deep experience in marketing, sales and technology, Neda is uniquely qualified to help you get the most out of your tech investments.

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