On-Demand Webinar:Goodbye Data Silos – First steps and practical tips for Data Mesh and Data Products

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From vision to reality –facilitate your Data Mesh journey

Siloed data, dark data, disconnected data – the problems are well known, as are novel solutions such as Data Mesh or data as a product. What is often the problem? The implementation.

The partners cimt ag and One Data agree: focus on the organizational restructuring – we will take care of the technology.
Because you can’t buy domain expertise and its optimal structure – but you can buy the associated tooling for decentralized data architectures.

Watch the webinar on demand and get direct insights from our experts Benedikt Edelmann (BI Consultant cimt ag) and Dr. Nicholas Heck-Grossek (Solution Engineer One Data).

This webinar is for
  • IT leaders who are expected to implement decentralized data architectures but do not have resources available.
  • Data experts who could add value to organizational transformation but are busy finding and preparing data.
Watch the webinar on demand and learn:
  • From practical examples of Data Mesh implementation.
  • How you can use your existing tech stack such as Tableau or PowerBI for a modern data architecture.
  • What Data Mesh and data products can mean for your business.

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Benedikt EdelmannBI Consultant, cimt ag

Benedikt Edelmann, an IT Consultant at cimt AG since 2016, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. A graduate of Goethe University Frankfurt, Benedikt is recognized as an authority in Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Test Automation, and SQL. His tenure at cimt AG has seen him lead digitization initiatives across multiple sectors, demonstrating a knack for driving transformative change. With a keen understanding of client requirements and a passion for innovation, Benedikt is primed to deliver insightful talks on navigating digital landscapes.

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