Collaboration Instead of Data Silos:Realizing Data Mesh

SCHOTT AG wanted to move away from its centralized data architecture. They chose One Data to implement a Data Mesh approach. The glass specialist is now using data products to strengthen its data expertise and improve the use of data across all business units.

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SCHOTT AG has been revolutionizing glass as a material for nearly 140 years—fueled by a pioneering spirit, and innovative, forward-thinking approaches.


Centralized data management departments often receive an overwhelming number of requests. They do not have the domain knowledge to develop the data effectively. As a result, only a fraction of the data’s true potential is realized.

The solution lies in the Data Mesh approach and the development of data products. Designing reliable and reusable data products involves locating, cleansing, de-duplicating and linking vast amounts of data from disparate and disconnected sources.


At SCHOTT, data is treated as a real product and ownership is transferred to those who know the data best. This strengthens the competence and use of data in all areas of the company. Individual business units work together to develop and deliver data products.

Access is then provided through a Data Product Marketplace. Business users can manage, access and share their own data products and those provided by other departments.

With One Data, data is prepared and harmonized across domains to enable the creation of such data products. The AI-powered Data Product Builder enables SCHOTT to achieve a high degree of automation in data preparation. This reduces the need for manual data integration and ensures data interoperability by up to 80%. An interactive data map visualizes the entire data landscape and the Data Product Marketplace serves as a cockpit for business users. 

Data Products

One of SCHOTT’s first data products uses AI and machine learning to automatically calculate the optimal settings for glass rolling machines based on historical data. This significantly reduces the time spent on manual adjustments. Errors are reduced by establishing a self-improving process that constantly learns from existing data.

Another data product is a KPI dashboard that standardizes and automates the global reporting system. This gives Global Operations Leaders reliable information on a daily basis about the number of product units produced at each site and the causes of production losses.


Data products ensure that only valuable, high-quality data is shared across the organization, enabling better decision-making and driving innovation. Business users no longer have to wait for data access dependent on a centralized administration unit. Individual departments can execute their own data-driven use cases. The availability of data products tailored to specific use cases with clear ownership will accelerate all data-driven projects at SCHOTT in the future.

“SCHOTT was able to implement the Data Mesh concept, strengthening data expertise and the creation of value from data throughout the company.”
“We are creating quality-assured data products in no time, providing them to the departments and making them accessible and usable for everyone.”

Martin Kemmer
Head of Smart Factory & OT4.0




Glass manufacturing

Data products

Automated glass roll setting
Global KPI reporting dashboard


Increased transparency
Increased data quality
Harmonized source systems

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Frequently asked questions

One Data transforms businesses into data-led entities by providing a comprehensive Data Product Builder. It enables the ingestion of data from diverse systems and its exploration through an interactive map. This approach empowers business users to request and utilize data products effectively and foster a data-driven culture across the enterprise.

Absolutely. One Data bridges the gap between data experts and non-technical business users. Its intuitive interface and Data Product Marketplace allow users of all skill levels to create, manage, and share data products efficiently. This is thus democratizing data access and collaboration within the organization.

Key benefits include significant time savings in developing and managing data pipelines, and the ability to quickly deploy quality-assured data products at scale. The platform streamlines processes through repeatable workflows and fosters enhanced collaboration between business, data, and IT teams. This leads to continuous innovation, operational efficiency, and reduced data storage costs.

One Data integrates AI into every stage of data product development. This reduces manual work and ensures the quality and integrity of data products. One Data helps you guarantee that the data is reliable and aligns with business contexts, enhancing decision-making accuracy and strategic insights.

One Data provides comprehensive support for the entire data product lifecycle. It includes the initial ingestion of data, facilitating user requests for data products, as well as data product building and sharing. This ensures that data products are efficiently developed and aligned with business needs and ready for scalable deployment.

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