On-Demand Webinar:Benefits of DemocratizingData Access

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Thought leadership panel

With experts from Thoughtworks, Dataciders, and One Data

This webinar, organized with Thoughtworks, Dataciders, and One Data, discusses the benefits of democratizing data access. The panel—consisting of Tiankai Feng, Christian Schneider, and Andreas Böhm—will address how data democratization impacts organizational effectiveness, explore the relationship between data governance and data products, and discuss principles essential for modern data governance. This session offers practical advice on tackling data silos and compliance issues and highlight the importance of a cultural shift in data management practices.

Topics covered in this webinar
  • The imperative of democratizing data access
  • Unlocking the potential with data products
  • The shared value of data governance and data products
  • Principles of modern data governance and how to enable data sharing
  • Room for your most burning questions around democratizing data access and sharing
This webinar is for
  • Data Professionals and Analysts that want to gain strategies to enhance data usability and influence within your organization through expanded access
  • IT and Data Governance Leaders that want to explore frameworks that balance data accessibility with compliance and security needs
  • Business Executives and Decision-Makers that want to discover how democratized data can drive innovation, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage.
  • Project Managers and Consultants in data-intensive industries that want to learn effective methods to manage and leverage large datasets for optimal project outcomes

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Your experts:

Tiankai Feng Thoughtworks

Tiankai FengData Strategy & Data Governance Lead Thoughtworks

Tiankai Feng is the Data Strategy & Data Governance Lead at Thoughtworks
Europe. With over 10+ years experience in Data Analytics, Data Governance and
Data Strategy, he grew a passion for the “human side” of data–how to collaborate,
communicate and be creative around data - and is a thought leader and author
on this topic.

Christian Schneider Quinscape Dataciders

Christian SchneiderData & Analytics Evangelist at Dataciders GmbH, CEO of QuinScape GmbH

Christian Schneider is Data & Analytics Evangelist at Dataciders GmbH and CEO of QuinScape GmbH. As a consultant and project manager, he has worked on major international projects for many years and is familiar with the diverse challenges of various integration and analytics scenarios from his practical work. As a speaker and in publications, he sheds light on the aspects of setting up sustainable data infrastructures with a manageable cost framework in later operations through goal-oriented data governance.

Andreas Böhm One Data

Andreas BöhmFounder & Managing Director One Data

Dr. Andreas Böhm graduated from the University of Passau with a degree in business administration in 2008 and went on to gain project and consulting experience at Accenture and Volkswagen. Early on, he recognized the huge potential of combining statistical methods and IT solutions, and founded his first company in 2009. Dr Böhm was then awarded a PhD in statistics from the University of Passau. He founded One Data GmbH in April 2013, bringing his vision of harnessing the potential of efficiency in data to life.

Want more insights on the topic?

This webinar is based on our related whitepaper “Benefits of Democratizing Data Access”. The paper is as well a cooperation between Thoughtworks, Dataciders, and One Data and features expert contributions from Tiankai, Christian, and Andreas. If you are eager to learn more or want to have a read into the topic, you can download a free copy here.

Download related whitepaper